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6 Best Ways on How to Use ppc advertising Effectively

Your Small Business Should Know About PPC

6 Best Ways on How to Use ppc advertising Effectively

Tips for Improving ppc advertising Campaigns PPC ads are so effective that by the time you can afford more, you may not need more.

Pay Per Click (PPC) is a paid advertising, that can bring the right people closer to whatever you offer. There is no way you will mention PPC without mentioning Google Adwords because it is one of the major providers and undoubtedly the top provider while Bing is chasing at a distance. There platforms are similar in operation. Though, Google tends to be expensive with strict approvals, but offers delivery to bigger markets. The more you increase your daily spend, the more your traffic inflow grows. It is the desire of every digital marketer to master the art and science of PPC advertising so as to make the best use of their digital marketing. Highlighted below are the 6 best ways on how to use PPC Effectively:

1. Make It Mobile Friendly

It is no more news that the greater part of internet searches are using mobile devices than a desktop, there has been a huge shift from the use of desktop to mobile devices on the way people interact with PPC advertiser. You should know that mobile users will give you more than half of your PPC clicks. The difference in performance between desktop advertising and mobile advertising is the major reason why you need to adopt an effective mobile PPC strategy. So, for you to get the best use of your PPC advertising there is a need for you to optimize your PPC ad for mobile and as well makes your landing page an inspiring mobile experience.

2. Plan a Consistent Approach

PPC is not about throwing ads out there, it is about making sure there is a consistent flow between the landing page, keywords you are targeting, your sales pages, follow up emails as well as retargeting ads. Make sure the look, the language and the feel of these entire elements match. With this, you are sure of having a greater quality score which will then allow you to have lower costs per click and better placement.

3. Group Keyword Sets

To get in front of your competitors with your ad, you need to pair more similar keywords with ads; this will give you better results. Take for example, if what you do is sell discount couches, you can also have a group of keywords for discount sofas using the exact word that many people are searching for.

4. Know Your Numbers

More importantly, you need to know your numbers. Knowing the worth of a new customer is the beginning of wisdom when it comes to PPC advertisement for you to determine profitability. A customer who is worth over $4,000 offers higher spends potential than a customer whose worth is just $50 to your company.

5. Bid on Your Rival’s Branded Terms

If you think this is not good, they are probably doing it to you. Because people searching for your own branded terms is a good source of ppc advertising PPC landing page traffic not for you alone but also for your competitors. Potential buyers are not in the market for only what you offer, but also for what your competitors offer too. So when you bid on your competitors branded terms, you get in front of their potential customers.

6. Pay for Ads that are Producing Results

Finally, make sure you are paying for ads that are producing, track and appraise campaign performance. Do not go for ads that never convert, your ads should go towards clicks that will convert. Know keywords and tactics that are producing, rewards spend on them and track conversions.


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