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Destinations of international romantic honeymoon for all budgets

Romantic International Honeymoon Destinations for Every Budget

International Honeymoon

International Honeymoon: Comprehensive Packing Checklist to not Over or Under Pack!

In your home country, you are quite assured of getting things right in case they seem to go out of hand for some reason or the other, but the same couldn’t be said for planning a weeklong vacation abroad. Everything can be challenging and chaotic if you forget any key item at home, causing stress and anxiety, the two emotions you wanted to leave behind. The case gets even more emphatic for your honeymoon. Pay as much attention to the packing as you paid while selecting the best international honeymoon package.

Indispensable / unavoidable

• Passports, visas and driving license
• Tickets or e-ticket confirmation printouts (Airline / Train / Bus)
• Accommodation reservation confirmations (email as well as screenshot printouts)
• International Credit cards you use often (and not all of them)
• Traveler’s checks
• Medical and/or trip insurance coverage alongside medical prescriptions if you have.
• Two sets of photocopies of everything listed above (carry one with you all the time and leave one in the hotel room)
• Important phone numbers like personal physician, credit card companies if the cards get stolen or lost and, caretakers of the house and pets
• Contraception and Prescription medicine (in the original packaging)
• Travel locks and luggage ID tags
• Camera (don’t just rely on your best camera phone)
• Electrical converters and adapters

Wearables for a week (finetune as per need, activities, place and season)

• 1 pair of pant style clothing (jeans or chinos)
• 4 play shirts (T-shirts, vest tops, short-sleeve)
• 1 jumper or light jacket
• 2 pairs of shorts
• 1 sundress
• 1 evening dress/sari
• 1 cardigan
• 2 swimsuits (bikini for beach fun and full costume for water sports)
• 1 sarong or kaftan
• 1 pair walking and 1 pair evening footwear
• 1 formal yet stylish handbag
• Intimate wears (1 for each day and according to the dresses)
• Sunglasses
• Hats and caps matched to style and dress
• Matching scarves and trinkets
• 2-3 nightwear

List of health concerns

• Mosquito repellent
• Sunscreen and lip balm
• Bandages
• Antiseptics
• Pain-relievers
• Diarrhoea medicine
• Hand sanitizers
• Medicines for Travel sickness
• Sanitary pads/wipes


• Travel-size toothpaste, deodorants, Shampoo and conditioner, shaving creams and moisturizing lotions and creams
• Toothbrushes
• Razors
• Cosmetics
• Make-up Remover
• Cotton balls and swabs
• Hair brush
• Hair setting spray/gel
• Hair clips
• Nail file / clippers
• Contact lenses / glasses
• Hair dryer

Optional extras you later can be thankful for

• An extra pair of contact lenses/glasses, asthma inhaler etc.
• Ziplock bags (handy for packing wet/dirty dresses)
• Sewing kit
• Earplugs
• For fitness freaks, a pair of trainers along with 2-3 gymwears
• Foldable umbrella or rain ponchos
• Waterproof bags for beach or pool
• Small backpack(s) for day tour and unplanned picnic or for souvenir/gift shopping for family/friends


• Guidebook (e-version and not the bulky one)
• Playing cards
• Book or Kindle

Among the things told above, leave out the those that you have never used before and are not going to use just for the honeymoon. Make a list of the things you love and use often and are also needed due to the choice of the destination in the season of your together-time. For example, if you are going to visit Andamans in July, the rains would welcome you for sure. So mosquito repellent, sunscreen, and rain ponchos are a must for the trip. But playing cards…no so much if you have never played them!

International Honeymoon 2

So choose wisely and don’t over pack.

Also, do leave copies of important documents, hotel number, etc as well as details of the travel agency (and your designated representative) from which you have selected the international honeymoon package with family. No one knows when the need may really arise. Have fun on your honeymoon.

“Author Bio: – Jyoti is a travel writer, who love to explore different destinations across the globe, In the above article Jyoti is sharing her views about her recent international honeymoon package.”


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