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Meditating for Success- Your Goals Are within Reach

Meditation for Manifesting Your Dreams

Meditating for Success- Your Goals Are within Reach
Meditating for Success- Your Goals Are within Reach

Life is expensive. It’s disheartening to think about, but it’s a cold hard truth. An even harder truth to face is that unless we are extremely lucky and just happen to win the lottery, or inherit a fortune from relatives we never knew existed, money is something that we have to work for.

Regardless of what work we do, we do it because we have goals. These goals can be simple (affording our basic needs) or extravagant (longing for an all-inclusive 5-star cruise around the world) or even spiritual (being the best at what you do and making a name for yourself).  What many of us don’t realize is that we don’t desire money; we desire what money can do for us.

And so we tend to go in endless search for it by working harder. Unfortunately, and this might be the hardest truth of them all, sometimes our hard work just doesn’t cut it and our efforts go unnoticed. This can easily lead to negative emotions and insecurities that kill our motivation and so we stagnate. Our dreams remain dreams and we start feeling unhappy because we don’t have what we want, and no prospects of acquiring it.

Meditation can correct this negative cycle, while simultaneously improving your work, your position, and your attitude. With it, you will have the tools to go out there and claim what is yours. It will teach you positive and powerful behaviors that will lay the foundation on which you can build your dreams. It has the capacity to change all aspects of your life- and yes, to make you more money too.

But, How?

… You may ask. It’s fairly simple to understand.

Meditation is the art of awareness. It will give you clarity so that you can see yourself exactly as you are. You will get to know the world around you better and therefore, you will better understand your place in it. Once this is achieved you can work at bettering yourself and transform yourself into a success.

It is so effective when it comes to our jobs because often we lack crucial skills or characteristics that would make it so our jobs work for us and not the other way around. Let’s say you are painfully shy and can’t stomach the thought of going for that promotion or asking for a raise. Meditation will train your brain to let go of your insecurities. Your confidence, as well as your mood,  will get a much-needed boost and your shyness will no longer be a hindrance.

Meditation will improve every aspect of your life.  It will improve your health, your psychological well-being, your spiritual happiness and your attitude. If you are at the top of your game, your world will fall in line.

First a Few Truths

Before you can meditate your way to greatness and financial security, there are some truths you will have to accept that will make your meditations (and life) so much easier.

  1. Meditation is not magic. It won’t make heaps of money fall into your lap, or turn you into a billionaire overnight, but what it can (and will) do, is reprogramme your mind so that you break the terrible habit of holding yourself back (because let’s face it, that’s what you’re doing, whether you will admit it or not).
  2. You will still have to put in the work. Meditation will give you an outlook on life that will make your job seem easier, but it will still be a job and you will have to put in the effort. You will have to be disciplined, dedicated and driven- and you can acquire these characteristics through meditation.
  3. You Have To Be Willing To Change. In the best ways. Meditation won’t transform your job. It won’t directly affect your bank account. But it will transform you. You will develop an attitude so powerful you will gain a new lease on life and that is what will turn you into a success.
  4. You Can Never Have Enough Money. It has been said that those who equate money and happiness will never have enough of either. Meditation certainly can empower you to make more money, but it could also be that you will come to realize the insignificance of wealth and materialism. Meditation will work for you, but only if you have clear goals. If you measure your success by your achievements and not your bank balance, you are already halfway to realizing your dreams.

 Meditation for Self- Improvement

There are many different methods of meditation that you can use to better yourself. First, you will have to pinpoint exactly which area of your work needs some spiritual attention. If it’s more than one, experiment and shakes things up until you find a meditation that works for you. Here is a simple, effective technique that you can practice without effort.

Concentration For Stress Relief

If the pressures of work are dragging you down and preventing you from progressing in your journey, Concentration Meditation is a simple (but truly effective) practice you can use to center yourself, hit the reset button and start anew. It’s the exercise that is first to come to mind when you think of meditation- someone sitting quietly, with their eyes closed, contemplating the universe. This meditation will benefit both your health and your well-being and is perfect for stress relief. It will refocus your mind, and this will make it easier for you to gain control of your situation.

  • Find somewhere quiet and comfortable where you can sit for a few minutes (twenty minutes is a perfect) and make sure that you will not be disturbed.
  • Make sure that your clothes are comfortable, that you are not too cold or too warm; that nothing will distract you and that you will not be interrupted by anyone or anything.
  • Breathe deeply. You don’t have to use any method to your breathing, as long as you take in full, steady breaths. To get started, focus only on your breath. This will relax you, and centre
  • When you are calm, focus on something- this could be a mantra, an image, an idea, a sound. Try to think of nothing else but the object of your attention. Your thoughts will wander, and that’s okay. It takes some practice to stay focused.
  • By focusing on only one thing, you will feel less stressed. The world will slow down for a bit, and you won’t feel so overwhelmed. This will develop into a habit in the waking world, where instead of tackling everything at once; you will learn to overcome one obstacle at a time. This will make you a more efficient, happier worker.



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