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This Monsoon, Plan Your Perfect Vacation Out of India

For Planning Your Next Vacation

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The rainy season does not need to mean endless hours of traffic or lots of bad weather.

In fact, this time of the year, there are various destinations all around the world that offer a wide-variety of thrills.

Here are the places that should definitely be on your list:

Edinburgh, Scotland:

The capital of Scotland presents a very different appeal during the monsoons. Moreover, this city of delightful gardens and neoclassical buildings also host the Edinburgh Festival Fringe during the month of August. The event has many shows, stand-up acts and artists definitely worth checking out. Also besides being the world’s largest art festival, this might also make for one of the most entertaining ones.

Comporta, Portugal:

Comporta – the name means a gate that holds back water. A name well suited to this place, with its many canals. Certainly, the beaches here remains one of the world’s best-kept secrets, offering a charm unlikely to be found elsewhere. While in Comporta, you can rent a villa and spend numerous days of leisure enjoying the solitude and a swim.

Tanzania, East Africa:

There is much to do and loads to see in the wonderful lands of Tanzania. Discover its vast wilderness, beaches along with Africa’s highest mountain, the Mount Kilimanjaro. Moreover, a safari is highly recommended for a first-hand experience of Tanzania’s wild life and jungles.

Bali, Indonesia:

Coral reefs, volcanic mountains, beaches and rice paddies – Together all make for an unforgettable experience in Bali. The place also offers many spa retreats that are certainly worth your time. Out here, you could even go for various adventurous activities, enjoy some leisure or some epic parties.

Dublin, Ireland:

Yes, Guinness may taste better in Dublin, but there’s so much more to the city. Explore its history at the Long Room of Trinity College, visit the Dublin Zoo, enjoy a picnic at Phoenix Park, or go to Stephen’s Garden and feed some of its many ducks. Besides all that, you can also enjoy a dip in Dublin Bay or a walk up Dublin Mountain.

Amsterdam, Netherlands:

Amsterdam remains a city of art and culture. This capital of Netherlands is home to the Van Gogh museum and the work of artists such as Rembrandt and Vermeer. Elaborate canal systems, fantastic cafes, gabled facades, are some of the many features of the charming Amsterdam.

Wales, United Kingdom:

In August, the sea in Wales may be invitingly warm, and the sun may keep shining, yet somehow the beach remains delightfully isolated. You can enjoy the white sand of Barafundle or even a drive down the Wales Coast Path. This amazing route goes all along the country’s coastline with 12 nature reserves, 18 castles and 41 beaches to be found along the way.

Channel Islands, Europe:

During World War II, it was once occupied by the Germans. But the Channel Islands seem untouched by any darkness. While the island may have elements that seem French or British, in its entirety the place remains truly unique. During your stay, you can enjoy a trip to the charming towns of Jersey and Guernsey, along with a trip to numerous seafood restaurants and cafes.

Currently, with numerous banks and NBFCs offering attractive terms on personal loans for travel, it can be easier to plan a more elaborate travel itinerary. And truly for an enthusiastic ttraveler there is always more to see, more to do and more to explore.


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