Friday, December 15, 2017
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Apple Security Flaws Give Some Researchers Concern About Deeper Issues

Apple's had some prominent security lapses lately. But is it just a rough patch, or something deeper? Source: Computers and Technology by wired

Line adds unsend for recalling missent messages

 Messaging platform Line has added the ability for users to retrieve messages they’ve sent in error. Read More Source: Communications by TechCrunch

Google to open artificial intelligence centre in China

Silicon Valley giants are focusing heavily on artificial intelligence and its future applications. Source: Computers and Technology by bbci

'Meghan Markle' and 'fidget spinners' top UK Google search

Other most searched topics included the UK general election and the crypto-currency Bitcoin. Source: Computers and Technology by bbci

The apps helping keep Rio safe

How data is being used to help reduce crime in Rio de Janeiro. Source: Computers and Technology by bbci

Facebook Messaging VP David Marcus joins Coinbase board

 Coinbase is growing up fast — or at least trying to. As an emblem of its current effort to accommodate the massive demand on...

How hate speech crowdfunding outfit Hatreon crept back online

 If you want to make a living creating white supremacist content, you’re probably not going to do it via sites like Kickstarter and Patreon,...

To fix SoundCloud, it must become the anti-Spotify

 Startups die by suicide, not competition. It wasn’t that anyone was stealing SoundCloud’s underground rappers, bedroom remixers and garage bands. SoundCloud stumbled because it neglected...

Deliveroo and UberEats restaurant clients face new rules

Restaurants face having to seek planning permission if they heavily use food delivery apps. Source: Computers and Technology by bbci

Twitter officially launches ‘threads,’ a new feature for easily posting tweetstorms

 Twitter today is announcing the launch of a new feature that will allow people to more easily post tweetstorms – that is, those series...
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